Week 27 The prison escape by Ronan

The thieves decided that they were in prison for long enough. Almost twenty years.  There were two people per cell. Out of all the cells they had the worst one. The thieves had a plan to escape from prison.

They splashed a boiling effervescent liquid onto one of the security guards and he let them out. The thieves jumped out the window onto their ancient motorbikes which did not work … so they ran for their lives. They could see security guards in the distance. Although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress… It was back to prison for those two.

9 thoughts on “Week 27 The prison escape by Ronan”

  1. I really enjoyed your story this week, Ronan – well done.
    Believe it or not, I was feeling sorry for the thieves.
    20 years is a long time in prison.
    Super work – Keep it up.

  2. WOW! Really good job on the 100 word challenge this week! I liked how you made the story more intresting and exsiting! Hope you have a good day!

  3. *I enjoyed the way the story was lay out
    *I also liked the way it was easy to follow
    It would have been better if had some commas.
    Anyway well done it was a great story

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