Week 27 The Trap Door By Warren

It was Saturday and my friends and I were going to the castle to explore.  When we got there we went inside the door. Suddenly it shut behind us and locked.  We all were extremely scared. So we went forward and saw another door. We opened the door and saw a room full of snakes.

“Was this really the only way out?” we said to each other.

Then one of my friends spotted a window behind the door. We knew that was our way out but how could we get up there. Then we remembered that the oldest of our friends was very good at climbing so he gave us all a boost and then climbed up after.

After that, we have never went back.

2 thoughts on “Week 27 The Trap Door By Warren”

  1. Hi Warren,

    This was a gripping read ; I’m so glad you all found your way out, you built up the tension well. This is something talented writers do.

    Hope you’re all well.
    Mrs MooreTeam 100London

  2. Another great story Warren – well done!
    I thought you were doomed there for awhile. I’m glad you found a way out.

    I hope you and your family are all well.

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