Week 28: An Amazing Idea

Roy was a boy when his mum and dad bought him a robot. His movements controlled it. The bot was Roy’s only friend. One day his parents told him the bot had to go to war.

When he came back all that was left of the bot was his legs! Roy was heartbroken, his best friend gone forever.

Then he had an idea – he could put the Robots legs in the park and turn it into a slide so not only he could enjoy seeing the bot but the children could enjoy it also.

When the slide was finished everyone loved it.

4 thoughts on “Week 28: An Amazing Idea”

  1. Hello Dan,

    A robot mimicking a human’s movement… I think this is a possibility. Imagine, the controlling person makes the moves and the robot copies. It would allow the person to lift very heavy objects or go into areas too dangerous for humans. What a wonderful idea, Dan. Well done.

    Looking at your story itself, it is well written. Roy’s story explains what is seen in the prompt photo, where it came from, and how Roy felt about it. Again, well done.

    I have found your whole class to be creative writers and to be learning wonderful writing techniques so I know I will see more quality 100WC entries in the future.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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