Week 28 Long Legs by Aidan

People say that once every year one lucky kid gets to see Long Legs.

Long Legs is a mythical creature that is claimed to be only legs. One year that lucky kid was me. In the middle of the night, I heard a voice saying ” Go down to the woods.” It kind of creeped me out but I wanted to know what was there. So I got out of bed and walked down to the woods .It was freezing outside.

Suddenly there was a ruffling sound in the bush. That’s when I noticed that I was one of the luckiest kids ever. …I went to school the next day shouting “I saw long legs! ” but nobody believed me. From that day on I have been studying long legs and trying to prove he was real.


3 thoughts on “Week 28 Long Legs by Aidan”

  1. Hi Aidan, This is a great story and I love the use of the words ‘Mythical Creature’. Long Legs sounds just like one! Great use of your imagination.

  2. I loved your story this week Aidan! Well done!
    Sadly many of us don’t believe unless we see.
    Good luck with trying to prove it really exists!

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