Week 28: The long legged sausage by Liam O

One sunny day in the Forest of Sausage there lived a mythical creature called the Long Legged Sausage.  A man liked the sound of it and tried to prove to the world that the Long Legged Sausage was real so in the middle of the night he set off into the Forest of Sausage to find the Long Legged Sausage.

At  4.37 he hears thumping across the forest and he responds with his camera held out like a gun.  He snapped a picture and dashed away with the Long Legged Sausage running behind him.  When he got to his house he shut the door on the monster and knocked him out.

The police came and shook hands with the man and then he was proud.

5 thoughts on “Week 28: The long legged sausage by Liam O”

  1. Hi Aidan
    I loved your story
    It reminds me of Bigfoot
    I wonder what happened with the long-legged sausage was there more ?
    Great story By Shane F Mrs O Sullivan’s class

  2. Thats a great story Liam! Reminds me a little of Bigfoot. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Liam
    We thought your writing was the funniest story that we’ve heard this week. We liked how you made up the characters using your imagination. We might suggest you use more exciting words like jail-break, sizzling, colossal and used ketchup!
    From Year 5 at Rudham Primary Academy.

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