Week 29: It by Jack

Afraid. Alone. Petrified.

Lance strolled through the forest, jumping at every little sound. Each second felt like years. He was on the lookout. It had killed his parents. It was bloodthirsty, ghastly and malicious. It was looking for him…

As day turned to night, Lance began to settle down. His parents had been murdered almost a week ago. Maybe it had given up on searching for him? Gingerly, he closed his eyes…

Lance awoke with fear. He felt something cold on his bare, aching feet; slime. Curiously, he picked some up. As the slime dripped through his fingers, worry struck him. Panicking, he tried to run, but his feet were glued to the ground. Suddenly, there was a rustle of leaves behind him. It was here. Lance’s malevolent, baleful, deranged twin brother…

2 thoughts on “Week 29: It by Jack”

  1. Well done Jack – you’ve written a terrific but scary thriller this week.
    I so wasn’t expecting the twist at the end – his brother? the murderer?

  2. Oh Jack…. Your stories are always great and this one is just breathtaking! It’s like something straight from a scary movie. I think you could be the next Stephen King with the wonderful horror story you’ve told here. If a horror story could be called wonderful – but you know what I mean!! It’s very well written as always.

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