Week 29: Larry’s Lounge By Naglis

Larry’s Lounge Menu

Enjoy a Giraffe Fillet Steak with a choice of salad or brown bread on the side.

Have a wonderful Grilled Cheese Sandwich with ham and melted cheese.

Gobble up an appetising Larry’s Burger with a scrumptious greasy lump of beef with salted French Fries on the side.


Gulp down some freshly poured lemonade with no added sugars.

Drink our Wine which is produced in our local vineyard.

Or have a glass of beer straight from the fridge.


Enjoy three delightful chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce.

Have apple tart with a choice of custard or cream.

Or have the special, Larry’s Sticky Toffee Fudge Cake.

Thank you for eating at Larry’s Lounge!