Week 3: Danger :By Dan

I knew I shouldn’t have come the short way  -after all, Mom had warned me not to but I was so desperate to be home in time watch my favourite TV programme.

My yellow bicycle creaked underneath me as I put pressure on the pedals. I looked behind me, the pitbulls were still up my tail.

A ditch lay ahead of me I knew it was my last hope. I dropped my yellow bicycle and scrambled over the ditch. I watched on as my bicycle was devoured greedily by the dogs.  I walked away quietly just lucky to be alive.


3 thoughts on “Week 3: Danger :By Dan”

  1. My goodness Dan! What a scary experience. As I always say with things like that, things can be replaced but people can’t. I’m glad that you were OK. Well done and keep up the good work!

  2. Hello my friend.
    I really liked your story. I wonder why the dogs got after you, and the dogs must’ve been very hungry to eat a hole bike.

    Ms Brennock’s class.

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