Week 3: Professor Crocodile By Naglis

Professor Crocodile was in the middle of making a fairly difficult thick purple mixture. Subsequently his neighbour Paul stomped into the room. “What are you trying to make this time?” shouted Paul from a distance.

“Go away,” muttered Professor Crocodile.

Paul was a buffoon. A week later Professor Crocodile and Paul went for a hike. Prankster Paul sneaked in the thick purple mixture that Professor Crocodile was working on instead of a drink. He still didn’t finish the mixture. Paul was smiling the whole way up. Halfway through, Professor Crocodile took the drink out. Without having a glance at it he twisted the cap open took a sip and…

5 thoughts on “Week 3: Professor Crocodile By Naglis”

  1. Great story it made me wonder what was in the drink. I love the part where he drinks it and I wondered what happened to him at the end.

  2. Well , first off, Naglis, congratulations on your Showcase story. It was terrific! And this story is fantastic too. I love the ending, it left me desperate to read more! Did the Professor drink the wrong thing? That could have all sorts of results! Keep up the super writing!

    Mr. Russell
    Team 100
    Waterford, Ireland

  3. Hi Naglis. Congratulations on your showcase. You really deserved it. Your writing is really good. Keep up the great work and I think it might not be your last one! Your story has made me laugh. Paul was a complete buffoon. It’s a great word! Very descriptive… 😉

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