Week 3 The Cycling Race : By Colin

“This is the biggest youth cycling race in Ireland,” I thought to myself.

I hopped on my yellow Trek bicycle and cycled to the start line. I greedily pushed my way to the front. All the while my heart was beating in an erratic pattern from the unbearable excitement. I looked up as the robust commissaire warned us not to go on the wrong side of the road. He exclaimed it in a firm voice so that we got the message.

Eventually, he blew his black whistle and I pushed off. My breath was heavy as I broke away from the main bunch. Suddenly a car turned the sharp corner onto the road. I was desperate to pull my brakes but was not sure if I would get to them fast enough…

5 thoughts on “Week 3 The Cycling Race : By Colin”

  1. Hi Colin,
    I like your story this week,I like the way you used the propmt.
    Where did you get the idea from?
    Keep up the great work

  2. Hi Colin! You’ve done a great job of describing how somebody feels before a race. I hope that you were able to pull your brakes in time. Well done and keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Colin ,

    I really liked the way you used this weeks prompt. I hope you continue this story. My favourite part was the last sentence. What was your favourite part?

    From Holly ~ Ms Brennocks class

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