Week 3 The Greedy Boy by Warren

One day as I was going to the shop on my yellow bicycle I remembered that my mother had warned me to be careful of the crossroads.

“Ok,” I said only half-listening.

So when I met with the crossroad I stopped. Suddenly I spotted money across the road. I was desperate for it so greedily I ran across the road leaving my bike unoccupied. Luckily there were no cars so I didn’t get hit. I fumbled for the money and snatched it off the ground. I was still in the vicinity of my house so I cycled home and didn’t mention a word to anyone.

2 thoughts on “Week 3 The Greedy Boy by Warren”

  1. Your mum is right Warren – you should always be careful at crossroads. I’m glad that you were ok. Well done and keep up the good work!

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