Week 3 The Mountain by Aidan

I dragged my bicycle to the front of the mountain while Tom plodded beside me. We hadn’t even started going up the mountain and we were exhausted. When we got to the front there was a sign and we were warned about how hard it was but we kept on going anyways.

At lunch time we ravenously ate our food. I grabbed the water bottle and noticed that Tom had guzzled down all the water greedily. Desperate for a drink we went on. As we crawled towards the top, the yellow sun shone on us.

” I can’t go any longer,” I said as I pummelled my bag “Me neither,” said Tom…

One thought on “Week 3 The Mountain by Aidan”

  1. Hi Aidan! Cycling up a mountain is definitely very difficult and you would definitely need a lot of water to keep you hydrated. I think you both made the right decision to go home. Well done and keep up the good work!

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