Week 3 The Race By Joe

The pressure was devouring me. My teammates were wishing me good luck. I had to do well. I knew my team needed a prize and I was the only one holding them back from getting it. My brother greedily kept all the gels for himself. I got my bicycle  and we cycled out on to the road for a warm-up

Our coach told us that the race would start in five minutes and that we should get ready. After the wait, I cycled over to the start line. I was desperate for a good place. The yellow sun was burning my neck and I was ready for the race.

One thought on “Week 3 The Race By Joe”

  1. I have to say Joe – this is one of the best stories that I have read this week. You have described the feeling and the atmosphere at the beginning of a race perfectly. Well done and keep up the excellent work!

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