Week 3 The Terrifying Bike Ride By Ronan

One sunny day as I was going out for a cycle my mother warned me not to go up White Top Mountain because the snow at the top was far too dangerous to cycle on.

I hopped on my yellow bicycle and went off down the road. Even though my mother had told me not to I greedily went up to White Top Mountain. When I approached the snow I started to think about what my mother had said so I turned around. After a while, I got the smell of a desperate burning scent. I realised that the rubber on my brakes had sheared off completely…

2 thoughts on “Week 3 The Terrifying Bike Ride By Ronan”

  1. Hi Ronan hare are you I like your story because it had a good word and keep your work up see you for now goodbye.

  2. Hi Ronan! What a cliffhanger to end your story on! I really hope that you are ok. Maybe just maybe the next time you might listen to your mum when she gives you some advice! Well done and keep up the good work.

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