Week 30 Birthday Shopping By Evan

It was the day after my birthday and my Mother  was taking me to the local shopping centre to spend my birthday money.  I wanted to spend my money wisely.

Firstly, we shopped at JD sports. The shop was lovely and colourful. I purchased some clothes and a ball to play with too. I Was on cloud 9.  Later on, we drove to a toy store. As we were looking at the toys, I suddenly heard a voice say  “It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?” I was confused. Then I realised it was an interactive toy. I thought it was so cool. I purchased the toy and gave it to my cousin Leon Lynch. I thought it would be a kind gift. I will never forget the wonderful day out.


One thought on “Week 30 Birthday Shopping By Evan”

  1. A great story Evan – Well done!
    I’m so looking forward to a day’s shopping when all this lockdown is over.
    Keep up the good work.

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