Week 30 Don’t be a Bully By Kacper

2 weeks ago a new student was introduced to our school. His name was Gerald Boarhead. He was a big bully and was always interrupting our learning.

Once I saw him throwing a kid’s school bag on the roof. Then he pushed one of my friends onto the floor. After that, as I was walking away he punched me. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing.

Enough was enough. I went to the principal’s office and told the principal that Gerald was bullying others. He was suspended for 4 days.

Remember if someone is bullying you just tell an adult. Don’t be afraid because they will help.

2 thoughts on “Week 30 Don’t be a Bully By Kacper”

  1. Kacper, that was a very deep story. I love the way you wrote it first person and that makes you feel closer to the character.-Ivie

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