Week 30 Leroy’s treasure by Aidan

As we plodded through the dark and damp sewers pondering why we were there, we heard a noise. We turned around slowly expecting something horrifying but all we saw was a little boy.

“Hello I’m looking for the sun,  can you point me towards a sign,” the little boy said. We all looked at each other awkwardly. “Well there is a manhole up that way if you want to get out,” I said.

The boy just walked muttering about how he’d kick flowers. We just kept walking until it got darker and darker. Suddenly there was a light and we saw the boy again.  “Hello” he said in a creepy voice…

2 thoughts on “Week 30 Leroy’s treasure by Aidan”

  1. Hi Aidan,
    I really liked your story. The description of the sewer is excellent. I also love the use of the word ‘pondering’. You created a very sinister stmosphere.
    Well done.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

  2. A great story Aidan – I could really feel the tension.
    I’d love to know more about the before and after.
    Why were they in the sewers?
    Was it to look for Leroy’s treasure?
    Who was Leroy?
    Keep up the good work.

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