Week 30 The letter by Gary.

My parents had died in a car crash last month. We had just come straight from the graveyard back to our house for the service. My sister and I decided to talk to some people – my friends, cousins, my nana and my grandad and some of my mom and dads old friends.

There was food but I just couldn’t eat so I decided to go upstairs to my parent’s room. Silently,  I crept up the stairs into their room. It felt weird going into their room without them being there. I saw a note on their bed.

I picked it up and read with a mixture of surprise and horror…

2 thoughts on “Week 30 The letter by Gary.”

  1. I agree with Avril – you’ve written a story full of emotion this week. I too would love to know what was in that letter.
    Good work – Well done Gary.

  2. What a very very sad story. I’m not surprised you couldn’t eat. Grief can make us lose our appetite. I wish there was a second part to this story. I’m really intrigued to know what was in the note….

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