Week 30: Naughty Neighbours By Naglis

Through my binoculars I could see my new suspicious neighbours having a spot of tea. Next the man-Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. I had to find out what was going on. At last I darted to their door. I crept in, peeped around looking for clues and I spotted the same cup of tea that put Gerald in peals of laughter. I heard the pair talking to each other.

“We have to test a drug on a child.”

I was listening open-mouthed. I turned around then spotted the lady who put chloroform on my nose. I woke up in a dark dreary room. “What are you going to do to me?” 

2 thoughts on “Week 30: Naughty Neighbours By Naglis”

  1. Wow! I liked your story. It was intense and I want to find out what happened next.

  2. Hi Naglis,

    What a suspenseful story! Here are some points I thought really brought your work to life:
    – Your excellent use of adjectives, such as ‘darted’ and ‘crept’. At times, this changed the pace of the story which I felt added suspense and made the narrative dynamic.
    – Your use of varied punctuation.
    – Your cliff-hanger ending.

    Great work!

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