Week 30 The corona uprising by Jacob

It’s week 30 of lockdown.

As part of the Artyfartbuckel’s family, it was my turn to go to the shops.

As I was in the shop, these people in gas masks pulled up in a van and burst into the shop saying GET ON THE GROUND! I was terrified and went behind the counter and called the guards.

After 10 minutes S.W.A.T teams came bursting through the door and started to shout at the rebels. They were shooting at each other. The cashier said that he would try and escape and I should come with him. I said no and he called me scared and I said it doesn’t matter what you say does it?

He started to crawl to the door then a grenade landed next to him…

One thought on “Week 30 The corona uprising by Jacob”

  1. I love it Jacob -well done – especially the name of the family!
    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to next week’s story already!

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