Week 30 The last minute goal By Warren

It was a Saturday morning in spring. The sun was blaring down from the sky. We had our biggest soccer game of the season.  We had to get up early. I was going with my mom and dad. On the way, there was an avalanche of cars in front of us. We were almost there when the wheel of our car got stuck in a miniature hole and then punctured.


Luckily my friend was passing and gave us a ride. This was such a big game that there was a sign-up. It was 2-2 in the last minute when my friend tried to kick it and missed. Luckily I was behind him and scored. It turns out their goalkeeper got distracted by a flower.


One thought on “Week 30 The last minute goal By Warren”

  1. Hi Warren,
    Why does it not surprise me that you wrote about soccer?
    I couldn’t but feel sorry for that poor goalkeeper being distracted by a flower!
    Great story – Well done!

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