Week 30 The New Football By Conor H

One lovely sunny day I was playing soccer with my brother and my favourite soccer ball. Then suddenly my brother kicked the ball as hard as he could into a big bush of thorns. I was FURIOUS! I just wanted to punch him so badly. I went in and told my dad that he popped my soccer ball. My dad said he would give me €20 to go to town and buy a new one.

At the sports shop, there was one soccer ball left and it looked really old and dusty. If I didn’t get a soccer ball I would have nothing to do.

I asked the shopkeeper “It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?”

2 thoughts on “Week 30 The New Football By Conor H”

  1. An old dusty ball Conor? Why worry about that? As soon as you start kicking it around it will be scuffed and mucky so, no, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks does it. Lovely little 100WC piec that’s well written and holds the reader, well done.

  2. Well done Conor. I enjoyed reading your story. I’d be furious if that happened to me. We can only hope that it was an accident!
    I’m assuming you bought the ball?

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