Week 30: The New Shirt By Benny

There was a shirt I was eyeing for months. One day, I decided to buy it. It fit amazingly well. It was a light blue shirt. I wore it straight away. I thought it was the best shirt ever.

When I got home, I went outside and one of my friends saw my new shirt. “Looks like it would suit a monkey better than you,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?” I muttered to myself.

I walked home, feeling a bit hurt, but I knew that it would soon all be forgotten.

One thought on “Week 30: The New Shirt By Benny”

  1. People can be silly …and hurtful in their responses and most of the time I believe they mean no harm. They are just trying to be smart.
    A great story Benny – well done!

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