Week 31: An Eerie Experience By Benny

I was lost. I thought I knew my way through the forest. It was getting dark. What was supposed to be a nice walk in the forest turned out to be a disaster.  All I wanted was to get out of the forest.  I don’t know what made me do it but I decided to follow the moon. It was pitch black by now. The howling wind made it much worse and it was freezing.

Thankfully, after a few minutes of walking, the forest ended and I saw my house! Happily and cheerfully, I ran straight home and fell asleep in my bed that I missed so much.

One thought on “Week 31: An Eerie Experience By Benny”

  1. Another epic story Benny. I think your writing is getting better and better with each story.
    I could sense your fear, going through the forest. It’s amazing that by night everything looks different.
    Glad you got home!
    Keep up the great work!

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