Week 31 Crocodile trouble by Julius.

Carefully  I got onto the stilts that were holding us off the ground so thankfully we were no longer on the ground.

While we were looking at crocodiles someone managed to make them mad and they started to hit the stilts. Suddenly my mom handed me a carrot so orange that it nearly started to glow.

Even though we were safe within the walls somehow it collapsed. The crocodiles had wide mouths and were about to eat me. When I hit the ground I heard a crunch. I thought it was me but it was the carrot.

14 thoughts on “Week 31 Crocodile trouble by Julius.”

  1. Good use of adverbs and adjectives I hate crocodiles. But you need to do some more work and use capital letters.

  2. Hi Julius! This was a really amazing story! I wonder who and how they made the crocodiles angry? Also if the crocodile ate the carrot wouldn’t it just eat you straight away? The ending seemed anti-climatic. Great job on getting showcase!

  3. Hi Julius.
    This story had a good cliff hanger but how did your Mom hand you a carrot?
    I was expecting the crunch to be you but you tricked me.
    Hope to read from you again, Christopher

  4. Hi Julius,
    I really enjoyed your story,
    I would hate if a crocodile ate me!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    Dylan K

  5. Hello Julius.
    I loved your story.
    It reminded me of when I was in the zoo.
    Congratulations on showcase.
    You really diverse it.
    Mrs Boyces Class
    By Aivaras

  6. Hi Julius amazing story
    I loved reading it
    I loved the ending it was really creative
    I wonder was anyone hurt ?
    I wonder did the crocodile eat the carrot
    Amazing story congratulations on showcase bye Shane F

  7. Hi Julius,
    Good story!
    You must have been really scared!
    What happened after he ate the carrot?
    Well done on the showcase!
    By Calum.

  8. Hi Julius,
    Your story was very good,
    I wonder if the crocodile injured you or got anywhere near you,
    Keep up the good work,
    – Kayden

  9. Hi Julius. Great story.
    Well earned showcase.
    I liked how you ended the story.
    Keep up the good work.
    Shane C.

  10. Congratulations Julius. Your story was showcased this week.
    Very well deserved as you have put huge effort into your writing this year!
    Super work!

  11. Ah Julius, thankyou for bringing a smile to my face today. This story is filled with suspense and humour at the same time. I could just see you trying to balance on those stilts with the carrot in your hand. I’m so glad the awful sound was the crunch of said carrot and not your precious bones!

  12. Hi there Julius
    That was a really good story and it had some good humor
    I liked the way you made a good story out of the words
    It reminded me of my story except I didn’t have a carrot
    It got me wondering why did your mom give you the carrot???
    Please comment on my story its called the challenge ( dah dah dahhhhhhhhhh)

  13. Hi Julius
    This is the first 100 word challenge I’ve read this week and it made me laugh out loud in class as my students were quietly doing their mental maths so of course I had to read it out to them. They loved it. I wasn’t expecting the ending in fact I was preparing for the worst and expected you to be eaten or at least a cliff hanger where I would have to guess what happened but you really gave it a very clever twist. Excellent writing. I really enjoyed reading it and you made my day as I read it first thing in the morning. Well done!
    Ms O’Keeffe (team 100wc)
    Up here in Galway!

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