Week 31 The Escape By Shane F

“You got a package ” the guard shouted through the cell door .

He slipped the package onto the cold floor . Slowly I took the package and carefully tore it open . It was a crocodile skin bag . Almost unbelievably the bag held everything I needed to get out of this retched place. I got a hammer and chisel out of the bag and began to break through the wall

An hour later I made a big enough hole so I could shuffle through it into the darkness of the night . I got a black jumpsuit from within the bag and strapped it to my back . I saw a boat in the distance with orange streaks around it . It was wide with armour and guns on the side .

“I must be  valuable for this sort of getaway ” I told my self .

The boat parked beside the shore and suddenly a huge light was on me.

“We’re leaving” the man shouted

One thought on “Week 31 The Escape By Shane F”

  1. Really good feel of being in prison and who was shouting “we’re leaving”.
    And good use of words and I love your story I think it is amazing.

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