Week 31 Gerry the Glowing Giraffe By Danny

Gerry the Glowing Giraffe is a glowing, affable, friendly giraffe who loves relaxing behind trees in the Whispering woods and loves helping his friends.

He thinks the Lord of Nulth is very pompous and gets everything he wants.  Gerry’s favourite place to go is Igloo City with his friends Colin the Courageous Cobra, Harry the Hilarious Hippo and Matthew the Menacing Monkey.   They also love going to the Whispering woods together.

Their favourite game to play is Hide and hollow which is like hide and seek but just a different name. Gerry is the worst at playing this game because he is always glowing.


4 thoughts on “Week 31 Gerry the Glowing Giraffe By Danny”

  1. Hi Danny, Gerry the Glowing Giraffe sounds like a great friend to have.
    I think they’ll have to find a more suitable game for him to play!
    Well done – good work.

  2. Hi Danny
    I love the way that you have used the characters that your friends have also used,
    Miss T and Reuben
    Stockbridge , Hampshire

  3. Hi Danny, I absolutely LOVE your story. Full of ‘Amazing Alliteration’. Poor Gerry… he hasn’t a hope of winning that game!

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