Week 31 Hargrove hill By Aidan

“Harvey, Come back –  I was told never to go up there” I shouted as he ran up Hargrove hill.

“Chillax Tom -it’s just a bit of fun” he replied.

He sprinted up towards the top on the hill where the tree was.

“See nothing happening,” he said while he stood at the top of the hill.

I was relieved. Suddenly there was a shriek.

“Harvey -where are you? Stop acting the bufoon – we need to get home” I said.

Then I heard a cackle come from the tree. That was when I realised that Harvey was gone. I sprinted as fast as I could chocking back tears. I had to make it back to the house…


2 thoughts on “Week 31 Hargrove hill By Aidan”

  1. Wow Aidan. The dialogue in your writing has given it huge impact, (and it’s all so perfectly punctuated.) I once heard a children’s author say, “Talk matters.” Your personal voice has certainly shone through.
    Great work.
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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