Week 31 Jack The Jolly Giraffe By Jack

Jack is a jolly giraffe when other animals are around but when he is on his own he is a jolly jaguar. This is inexplicable and at the same time, he is very affable.

He can use a supersonic roar and can camouflage. He loves Bertie and the bumbling bees and their honey and he hates the Lord of Nulth. He loves swimming in the pink lake and he hates Conor the King Croc.

He also likes helping to defend the night zoo whenever the voids attack. He is the only one of his kind after Nulth destroyed his village.

4 thoughts on “Week 31 Jack The Jolly Giraffe By Jack”

  1. Hi Jack!
    I think you did an amazing job with your word choice. I didn’t know about the word affable before. I love giraffes. I think it is cool the name of the giraffe is Jack. YOUR NAME!!! Do you like giraffes too? My favorite part of the story was when you said “He can use a supersonic roar and campoflage.” That was a lot of detail. Amazing job Jack! By, Brianna In Illinois.

  2. Jack the Jolly Giraffe sounds like an affable character!
    I think he would be a great help in defending the Night Zoo against the Lord of Nulth.
    Great Work.

  3. Hi Jack
    You had me hooked in right from that opening sentence. I just wanted to know more about a giraffe that was also a Jaguar. I can see how this would make for a very interesting creature.
    Miss T

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