Week 31: Sam The Sleepy Seagull By Naglis

Sam The Sleepy Seagull is an affable funny bird. He lives in the Fire Desert and takes his bath every Monday and Thursday morning in the beautiful Pink Lake. He snoops around Igloo City quite a lot and half of the time falls asleep.

He is good friends with Florence Flamingo and Grudge The Bear. His biggest enemy is Simon the Snapping Snake. Luckily he was never in Conform Jail but he once was very close to being caught.

His power is that he can freeze anyone for a minute and he can slow down time…and at ten o’clock it’s time for bed!

3 thoughts on “Week 31: Sam The Sleepy Seagull By Naglis”

  1. I like the way the Sleepy Seagull can slow down time – I’d love to have that power as I never have enough time to get all my work done!
    Good work Naglis.

  2. Hi Naglis
    I find it hard to imagine any seagulls being referred to as sleepy as they’re always on the go looking for food or shouting! This adds to the quirkiness of your character.
    Miss T

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