Week 31 The school tour By Denis

We were going on a school tour to a crocodile farm and we were in first class. Daily I would ask the teacher where are we going on our school tour? She would answer crocodile farm.I was getting a little mad.

Bravely, with a grunt, I asked – “how wide is this farm?  I thought about this trip in my head and I always said myself what if they wanted a volunteer to feed the crocodiles? The could bite you.

“Rarely does that happen,” laughed the teacher and added “are you going or not? Anyway, it only happens if you disobey the rules!  Is that a yes? so you are going?”

One thought on “Week 31 The school tour By Denis”

  1. Hello Denis .
    Great job on your story ,
    I really like how you used the prompt ,
    Your story reminds me of a zoo ,
    By Abby

    Here is the link to my class blog
    Ms. Brennock 100 w\c

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