Week 31 Sneaking out by Jacob

While we were on a plane going to Australia I asked my dad if we could take a walk when we got there. Unfortunately, he said no. The vast bulky plane landed and we arrived at Perth.

We got out of the plane and went to pick up our luggage. When we got out of the airport my uncle came and gave me a hug. The house that my uncle lived in was huge. It was night and I decided to sneak out. As I crawled out of the window, the owls hooted and crickets were making noises.  I saw a big tree in the moonlight. It was beautiful…

2 thoughts on “Week 31 Sneaking out by Jacob”

  1. Hi Jacob
    I was wondering why your dad said no to going for a walk. Was it because he was worried about snakes?
    I think you used good adjectives when describing the plane.

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