Week 31: Sniper Struggle by Christopher

I swam across the water to a small island about 20 metres away from shore. I hid in a small hedge, got my rifle and put the bipod down.
In the distance, I saw a BMW jeep with somebody on its mounted Light Machine Gun. Carefully, I measured the distance, took aim and fired.

Suddenly a crocodile grabbed my leg. It was like getting caught in a bear trap. I got my Pistol and shot it. I swam back out of the water and collapsed on the sand.

Eventually, I got up and limped into a bush. I stayed within the leaves and ate an orange.

What was I going to do now?

7 thoughts on “Week 31: Sniper Struggle by Christopher”

  1. Hi Christopher
    Great piece this week
    Great cliff hanger
    Why were you shooting the man? Where did the crocodile come from? Were you ok? You will probably get showcased this week
    Keep up the good work
    Miss T class

  2. Hi Christopher
    I love your story. Your word chooses were excellent!
    Thank you for commenting on my writing. I’d love to read your writing next week.

  3. Hi Christopher,?
    I enjoyed reading this realy intense story maybe you could add some more adjectives to make it more interesting.

  4. Dear Christopher

    I loved your story , I thought it was really good.
    You could have used some more description .
    Well done !
    It’s a great piece of writing.

    From Kacey Friday Bridge Primary School ???

  5. That’s really realistic Christopher! The crocodile is dead right? Maybe talk about who you sniped more next time. Really good and realistic. Well done.

  6. Hi Christopher,

    We are writing about your excellent work we found the rhetorical question at the end.
    We also liked the way you said I swam across the water to a small island about 20 meters away from shore.

    Well done for using a rhetorical question.

    Amelia and

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