Week 31: The Mysterious Witches: By Liam A

It was a cold and wet night. And I was out in the woods looking for my dog that got lost three weeks ago. When I was out on my walk I heard barking- it sounded a lot like my dog so I followed the noise. Then suddenly I fell and saw my dog was injured. I wanted to help him but suddenly there was a cackle. I looked up and saw three brooms flying across the huge moon -they were witches. I moved closer to my dog and then I found my dog and I were floating and on the ground again. I lifted my dog and ran home. After that day they call them, The Mysterious Witches.

2 thoughts on “Week 31: The Mysterious Witches: By Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam, I think your story was very interesting and mysterious, and I liked all of the adjectives that you used. Great Job!

  2. There’s a real Hallowe’en feel to this week’s theme and I think you’ve nailed it with your Mysterious Witches.
    I was glad you found your dog and got home safely.
    Good work this week Liam – well done.

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