Week 31 : The Wolf by Rhys

Conor and Don were at their granddad Stan’s House.

When they went over  Don said, “can you tell us a scary story?”

Stan said” OK but don’t tell your mother.”

…No one ever went outside because there was a rumour that a big black wolf was there.  He took clothes and made statues.  He howled at the moon.  Then one morning no one had no clothes so on the 20th of January a group from the village set off for Ben Hill to get the wolf and their clothes. When they got their clothes back they looked at some of the wolf statues. The wolf was the greatest artist in the world.

One thought on “Week 31 : The Wolf by Rhys”

  1. Well done Rhys.
    I was never good for a scary story. I’m the one in this house that has to hide behind my hands if something scary comes up.
    Keep up the good work.

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