Week 31 William the Working Walrus By Szymon

William the Working Walrus is a young, affable, green and strong walrus. He lives in Igloo City. He loves building houses, helping people and swimming.

His best friends are Grudge the Bear and Larry the Limping Leopard. He hates the spying giraffes because he thinks they only show off with what they can do.

He hates the lord of Nulth because he thinks that the lord of Nulth is a menacing monster. He went to the jail, Conform five times but he always escaped. Because of this, they put in more defenses in Conform. He hates the whispering glade because the echo annoys him.

3 thoughts on “Week 31 William the Working Walrus By Szymon”

  1. Hello Szymon, I agree with DylanB, I think you have a great imagination. You have been very descriptive in creating a picture of your imaginary creature but at the same time you have been able to include a story to catch the reader’s interest. I really like your use of adjectives and “wow” words such as “affable” and “menacing”. Names of your characters are really good too. Well done.

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