Week 31 William the Wise Wallrus by Mathew OG

Tom leaped from rock to rock in search of William the walrus. He lived in the pink lake. He has a great power of telling and predicting the future. Tom wanted to know when the voids would come back to the Whispering Glade.

As Tom pushed through the brambles he saw something pink glisten. That must be it thought Tom. He sprinted over to the lake… Slowly an old affable walrus immerged from the water.

“What do you wish to be told? ”

“When will the voids come back to the whispering glade? “said Tom.

“Soon,”  William replied…

4 thoughts on “Week 31 William the Wise Wallrus by Mathew OG”

  1. Great story Matthew. What a power to possess. I think I’d like to have a chat with William the Wise Walrus. Do you think he’d know the lottery numbers for Saturday night?

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