Week 32 The Best Burger Ever by Calum

Tired, hungry, cranky. I was plodding up the street, looking for somewhere to eat. My car had broken down in the middle of nowhere and I hadn’t eaten for a whole 24 hours and I was so hungry. Then I looked to my left and saw a nice looking restaurant.

I ran over and pushed open the door. The smell was amazing. There were hundreds of people ordering food. My turn had finally come. I stepped up and ordered the biggest and best burger in the restaurant. A few moments later two hands emerged up for the counter holding the nicest burger I had ever seen. I ate every crumb. It was the best burger I ever ate.

28 thoughts on “Week 32 The Best Burger Ever by Calum”

  1. Hi Callum
    Bravo bravo perfect story Callum just out of interest what is the name of the restaurant . By Denis

  2. Hey Calum,
    Brilliant story, I really liked reading this week’s of yours.
    I am reminded of many times when I go to the aqua dome. I always come out extremely hungry and so I go to eat.
    Why did hands come out from the counter, is this a new serving style?
    Bye. Liam

  3. Hi Calum,
    I really enjoyed reading your story,
    It reminds me when my car broke down,
    I would love a burger right now,
    By Aivaras 🙂

  4. Hi Calum,
    This is a brilliant story!
    I am not surprised with the showcase to be honest!
    What was the name of the restaurant?
    Seán M

  5. Hi Calum
    I really enjoyed reading your story
    This reminded me when I was on holidays and my car broke down
    I would like to taste the burger or at least smell it.
    Keep the brilliantwork up.
    From Kacper

  6. Hi Calum.
    Brilliant story this week I really enjoyed reading it.
    What time was it when you broke down?
    It reminds me of the lovely burger I ate at the last party i was at.
    Good work.
    By Dylan O’C.

  7. Hi Calum.
    That was an amazing story. I loved the contrast between the beginning of the story and the end. At the start you described hunger eating you alive, and at the end you were extremely happy.
    Your adjectives and description were utterly fantastic throughout the story. Well done.
    Congratulations on the showcase Calum. It was well deserved.
    Bye~ Jack.

  8. Hi Callum,
    You did a great story this week and it made me quite hungry.
    I’m guessing the burger was a ten out of ten because you didn’t eat for a while or was it actually that nice? Where did you get the burger, was there a name?

  9. Hello Calum.
    I really liked your story because the way you didn’t eat for whole 24 hours I wouldn’t survive whole 24 hours without food.
    What was the name of the restaurant that you got your burger?

  10. Hi Calum,
    I loved your story,
    The adjectives you used were perfect and they made it alot easier to picture your story in my head,
    I would have loved to try that burger,
    Keep up the good work –

  11. Hi Calum,
    I really enjoyed your story today.
    Congratulations on getting the showcase, you deserved it.
    I would love to go and try out the burger you got it looks great.
    I like the way you started the story with tired,hungry,cranky it definely added to your story!!
    Your writing is improving so much each week!
    I wonder if you tired any other burgers from that restaurant??
    I would love to see many more great stories like this!
    Keep up the wonderful work!
    -Dylan K ?

  12. Hi Calum.
    Great story.
    That burger sounded lovely.
    Did you get your car fixed.
    Congratulations on getting showcased.
    David 5th.

  13. Hi Calum.
    Amazing story?????.
    What would you rate the burger out of 10?
    If I ate that burger I would rate it out of ten!

  14. Hey Calum good story this week!
    Congratulations on getting a showcase.
    This story has left me craving a burger!
    What was in the burger?
    Was it exspensive?
    Gary 6th.

  15. Hi Callum
    I really liked your story
    I reminds me of when I was in Florida and our car broke down
    I wonder how much the burger cost?
    10 out of 10

  16. Hi Calum great story
    I loved reading it
    I liked how you used the prompt
    I wonder where is this restaurant ?
    What was in the burger ?
    I would love to have this burger
    Amazing story Congratulations on showcase By Shane F

  17. Hi Calum. Great story.
    Well done on getting a showcase.
    The burger must have been really nice!
    Keep up the good work.
    Shane C

  18. Hi Calum,
    This was a really good story that you had written and well done on the showcase.this reminds me of the time I was in |Disney land and we had to wait in line for at least half an hour because everyone was really hungry so I ended up eating when all the rides were open again but it was worth it because it pays to take time off something than to be starving and be very cranky all the time.
    Where was this story base on can you please answer this if you can and can you please comment on my story it is week 34 and it will be published tonight.
    Your sincerely Julius your classmate

  19. Hi there Callum
    That was a good story
    I liked the way you started your story( I would be cranky as well if I didn’t eat something)
    It reminded me of the time I went to MacDonald
    It got me thinking how much did this burger cost you
    Congratulations on getting picked for a Showcase ???
    Your classmate, Laurynas?

  20. Great story Calum. You’ve described the scene (and the hunger) really well. I can almost smell the burger as I read your story.
    Excellent writing, well done.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  21. Hi Calum.
    Great story.
    I really enjoyed the vocabulary and adjectives you used.
    I would love a burger after reading your story.
    By Bryan.

  22. Hi Calum
    I love this take on the prompt which I actually thought was quite a difficult prompt when I saw it first. I really like your opening line and it drew me in straight away. It reminded me of the snickers bar ad when you described the feelings of hunger and how you were tired and cranky as well. You used the prompt very creatively and you had me feeling hungry by the time I was finished reading your 100 word challenge. Great writing. Well done.
    Ms O’Keeffe (team 100wc)

  23. Hi Calum, Fantastic story this week. I really enjoyed reading it.

    Star*Brilliant and clever story plot.
    Star*Great adjectives.
    Star*Fit in the prompt brilliantly.
    Link~I would never be able to go without food.
    Question?Did you get your car fixed.

    Superb story this week Calum. Keep up the good work.,

  24. Hi Calum,
    Superb story this week.
    Star*great use of adjectives.
    Star* I loved your first sentence it really got me into the story.
    Wish none.
    Link. It reminds me of a holiday when it was so warm and we needed to somewhere.
    Question how did you get the idea from.
    But overall you did an amazing job.

  25. Well done Callum,Great story!

    Star= I liked the way you based your story!
    Wish=More adjectives!
    Star=Great sentence openers!
    Question=How did you come up with such a great story!

    Please checkout my story on this link!


    Kind regards

  26. Hi Calum,
    I really enjoyed your story,
    I would love to take a trip to the restaurant some time in the future.
    That burger did seem lovely!!
    Keep up the brilliant stories.
    I love reading your storys,
    Dylan K

  27. What a great story and great use of the picture prompt. I really like how you built up to the moment of actually getting the burger. I bet you really savoured it having gone so long without food. Well done.

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