Week 32: Breaking News by Sean M

Breaking News just in that MacDonalds are not using beef for their burgers!At eleven o’ clock that night a customer walked in planning on buying a big mac and a chicken nugget sharebox but ended up running out of the building with big gossip.

A  man called Paul was going to get a big meal for himself after a hard day of work. He overheard some young employees talking about how they were making much more then they used too after switching to horse meat. Now MacDonalds are being sued. The man reported this to RTE.

5 thoughts on “Week 32: Breaking News by Sean M”

  1. Hi Sean.
    Brilliant story.
    I really liked the twist you put on the prompt.
    It is a disgrace the Mac donalds would do that.
    I love mac donalds but after that i think you changed my opinion.
    By Bryan.

  2. I really like how you approached the prompt this week. It’s a great idea to tell your story in the form of a news bulletin. Well done!
    P.S. Horsemeat? would you say it’s a possibility??? 😉

  3. Hi Sean,
    Your story was brilliant.
    I like McDonalds too.
    I loved the idea of your story.
    I hope RTE keep coverage of this story.
    I hope they go back to using normal meat!!
    Keep up the good work,
    Dylan k

  4. to sean M
    I seriously like your story because it was set in MacDonald’s and how it was breaking news. Maybe use more descriptive words for your story and use more vocabulary words. Your story was extremely wonderful to be read to. Also can you go and read some of my story and comment on it.
    From say law lah

  5. i really liked your story because it was interesting and amazing P.S. i like mcdonalds too

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