Week 32 FBI By Jack

Tick, tock, tick tock

“Rider get out of there –  the bomb will explode in  30 seconds.” “I got this,” said John Rider after he disarmed the last bomb

Back at HQ, I was told to kill a man called Yassen Gregorivich. My Instructor said something about a house and a park but I didn’t understand the instructions.

I assumed he meant to say set up my sniper rifle in the house and kill him in the park but I must have been wrong because when I got to the house and  went in I saw Yassen by the fire with a silenced semi automatic pistol in hand.

“Wrong house,”  he said and … BANG

4 thoughts on “Week 32 FBI By Jack”

  1. Hi Jack,
    This is a great story, well done. I love the names that you have chosen for your characters, they really add to the tension in your writing.
    Your story is like a spy novel and ends very dramatically!
    Great work this week.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Hi Jack
    Wow, you had me gripped right from the very beginning of your writing this week. Your use of the names of the characters made me feel that I was actually reading an extract of a novel.
    Superb work this week, well done
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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