Week 32 The New Creation by Laurynas

Mr Willy Wonka was bored. He was tired of making sweets and wanted to make something new. In the blink of an eye, he had an epic idea. He was going to make a burger!

He got all the ingrediants in about ten seconds with the help of his oompa-loompas and started making his new creation. After a while he made the burger and asked Charlie Bucket to test it. It was so delicous that he fainted.

When Mr Willy Wonka sold the burger everyone wanted one. And that is why people all over the world want a burger because of Mr Willy Wonka’s thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Week 32 The New Creation by Laurynas”

  1. hi Laurynas
    I like how you based this about Charlie and the chocolate factory but now willy Wonka want to creates a burger. Just reading this, it got me feeling hungry, hungry for burgers. keep up the good work, I cant wait for your next story
    Redbridge class

  2. Hi Laurynas,
    This story was really good well done.
    This reminds me of charlie and the choclate factory with willie wonka and the oompa loompas.
    Thanks so much for the comment it was great .
    Your sincerely julius your classmate ✌️.

  3. Hi Laurynas. I just LOVED your story this week. It’s an excellent interpretation of the picture prompt. If Mr. Wonka’s Burger was as good as his sweets, I’m not surprised everyone wanted it.

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