Week 32: No Essential Medicine

I stepped on to the sleigh.

“Good Luck”  chanted the crowd of onlookers.

“HIKE!”I roared to the sleigh dogs.

I felt a sudden jolt of speed as we disappeared into the night.                                  All the people in the village were depending on me to bring back the essential medicine.

We were dashing along the snowy cliffside gaining speed all the time.I had the waypoint insight and my dogs were beginning to tire as I slowed down in front of the hospital. I walked into the waiting room and overheard a conversation.

They were out of medicine!

One thought on “Week 32: No Essential Medicine”

  1. Another great read, Dan – Well done.
    At the start, it reminded me of a film we watched here one night – an old favourite – Cool Runnings but your story was much more serious.
    I wonder what are you going to do now?
    You are doing great work at home – I’m delighted with you!
    Say hello to everyone for me.
    Mrs Boyce

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