Week 32: The Midnight Thieves: By Liam A

It was a very quiet night –  a perfect night for a robbery. My Granny and I met in the town square and planned to rob the jewelry shop.

My family is fanatic about robberies- it runs in the family.

After a while, we reached the shop and we saw a robust-looking diamond perched on the window. Granny got out a laser and cut a perfect hole in the glass. We sprayed around the diamond and saw loads of lasers. We climbed through the hole and broke all of the switches in the fuse box.

The diamond was ours, we ran back and took it immediately. Then we disappeared into the night.

One thought on “Week 32: The Midnight Thieves: By Liam A”

  1. I loved it Liam – It had a “Gangsta Granny” feel to it!
    Keep up the great work – So proud of all the hard work you are doing!
    Keep it up.

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