Week 32: The Night time by Rhys

There was a witch in the town of Holyhead.  She kidnapped kids.  One Halloween night four kids went trick or treating. In the morning they made a plan to kill the witch but we disappeared in the night.  She got my friend

“Alex, run,” I said.

We had to leave Alex there.  So we hid in a tree.  My friend found a bow and he shot her.  She got mad and ran after us.  We ran too.  Then I went one way James went the other way and I got the kids back.  But I needed a key. I had to look for the key.  Finn and James hit the witch again with the bow. I found the key and I got the kids back and the witch died

One thought on “Week 32: The Night time by Rhys”

  1. That was a great story Rhys. It was a job well done. You managed to get the kids back and get rid of the witch.
    Hoping you are keeping well.

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