Week 32: The secret trap: by Colin

“The trap is in place“ I whispered into the walkie-talkie as I crept into a bush to hide. I heard rustling leaves and heavy leather boots stomping through the mushy terrain. Suddenly I heard deep voices talking. It was like a horror movie in real life.

But what made me feel better was the fact that there were traps everywhere.  I saw the men come around the corner. They walked right under the trap and nets spooped down on them.  We arrested and inprisoned them.

“A job well done,” chief Harold said with pride.

And everybody cheered.  HOORAY.

2 thoughts on “Week 32: The secret trap: by Colin”

  1. Hi Colin!
    I loved your story.
    All the stories you write are so fun to read.
    Your events in your stories are very surprising.
    Your writing is getting better and better every week.
    You know you are a great writer.
    Keep writing

  2. Hi Colin!
    I like the words you used.
    I like the part where you arrested them.
    I wonder were you a secret spy?

    Bye From Adam Mrs Boyce’s class.

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