Week 32 Time travel By Adam

One day Harry and I were outside in the forest playing hide and seek! There were a few other friends there too. I wanted to climb a tree but I said to myself, should I really do this? I climbed up and found a hole and I put my arm in and it teleported me back in time!

It was a time traveler!

I went back 10 years and met loads of people and it was like I was a ghost I could see everything but they couldn’t see me. I went back in the time traveler and it put me back in that tree and I had been caught.

We went home and we were all happy!

One thought on “Week 32 Time travel By Adam”

  1. Well done Adam – I enjoyed reading your story.
    It sounds like you had a great adventure!
    I think I would like to travel back in time…But only if guaranteed a return journey to the present time.

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