Week 32:The Abandoned House By Benny

Finally nighttime! It was 12:00 a.m. and we took our jackets and walked outside into the darkness. My friend Denis and I, had decided to explore an abandoned house.

It was raining and the damp, uneven ground made it hard to walk while we disappeared into the night. I had butterflies in my stomach knowing this was wrong. “I think we should go back,” I said, nervously. “No way! We agreed to this!” Denis responded. “You can go back, I’ll see you later.”

I walked home, feeling concerned. Half an hour later he returned, as pale as a ghost. He said nothing and went to sleep. In the morning, I asked him what happened last night.

“I was with you the whole time at home… remember?”

One thought on “Week 32:The Abandoned House By Benny”

  1. Oh oh …there’s something fishy going on there I think!
    Great work again this week Benny – well done!

    Thank you for making out that list for me. I really appreciate it!

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