Week 33: Bufoons By Naglis

Knock knock

“Can I come in? “

What’s the code?”


“Come on in”.

Henry the ant was working for a secret ant agency who were battling against the caterpillars. The abominable war has been going on for nearly six weeks. The ants didn’t want to surrender but could not risk losing more precious lives.

There were two horse chestnuts and one was a trap that Harry placed the other night and the other one was their top secret base that only they knew about.  They knew that there were only a few caterpillars left to take down until the butterflies helped the caterpillars.

Why didn’t they think of that? What were they going to do now..?


One thought on “Week 33: Bufoons By Naglis”

  1. Hi Naglis,
    i really liked your piece because it was very very funny. When is your last day of school mine is today i am super excited for summer, What are you doing over the summer? one thing you could do to make your piece better is add punctuation, but, otherwise keep righting.
    from your friend,
    keira in Illinois
    come check out my blog~ https://kidblog.org/class/rays-1718-am-rockstars/posts?author=06tsn4cfn58f2iemz8njnxpr2&status=published&status=review&status=draft

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