Week 33. Cracked Wing!. By Shane C

I was so excited, I had never been on a plane before. We were flying to France to celebrate Uncle Joe’s first anniversary.

Soon everyone began boarding the airplane. A little while later, everyone was on board and the pilot began the preflight tests.

After ten minutes we were high in the sky. I was actually beginning to get a bit nervous about the flight. My family was relaxed so there was hardly anything to worry about. Suddenly in the flash of lightning, I saw Uncle Joe. This couldn’t be happening -he was dead. He was calling my name and beckoning me to come to him.

The next time I looked out the window the wing was gone….

2 thoughts on “Week 33. Cracked Wing!. By Shane C”

  1. Great story Shane. You’ve pulled out all the stops with this one. Great use of your imagination. I really hope you weren’t on your way to be ‘reunited’ with your Uncle Joe!!!

  2. Hi Shane,
    This was a really good story everything was perfect and I saw no mistakes great story this week.
    This reminds me of a movie where the wings came of the plane and the hit a cold place where it was cold and there were wolves that killed the people but they did not know that because the wolves attacked them at night one by one they got killed until the got out of the island because of a rescue helicopter and at the end there were only a few of them and like always they lived happily ever after.
    Here is my question, what happened when the wings came of and was it an just a dream or something.can you comment on my story it is called lightning strike and it is in week 33 good story this week well done.
    Your sincerely Julius sitting in front of you.

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