Week 33 The crash by Gary


I woke from a dream where I was fighting in a war. I was on the plane home from Spain with my family heading towards my home country Ireland.

Everyone on the plane was still asleep which was no surprise as it was 12 o clock at night. Suddenly I heard some thunder outside. I began to feel a bit scared as I hated thunder and lightning.

Suddenly in the flash of lightning one of the plane’s wings came off. Everyone jolted awake and the gas masks came down from the roof. ”This is your captain speaking please remain calm.

Then we heard him shouting ” O MY GOD WHAT IS TH-…..

One thought on “Week 33 The crash by Gary”

  1. Just wonderful! You opening mono sentence worked brilliantly. It really drew me in. I was dying to know what was going on. I really like that you explained why the people were on the plane. What a traumatic experience for them – war and a very stormy flight! I’d only love to know what happens next! Well done.

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